Confect & Connect

Company representatives and students (a maximum of 16 participants, including company representatives) will work together to create a range of pralines, sushi, cup cakes, spring rolls or tapas in a relaxed and informal setting. Before that, you will have time to deliver a presentation. The course will take place at a predetermined cookery school in the centre of St. Gallen, under the guidance of the Migros Klubschule.

Directions to the kitchen

The entrance of the Migros Klubschule is located on the opposite side of the Coop Pronto near the small underpass at the train station of St. Gallen.

If you choose to take the door on the left, you will have to walk up stairs one floor. Otherwise choose the door on the right so you can take the elevator until the floor which is called "ZG". When arrived on the floor, please enter the room lettered "HSG TALENTS Conference 2019".

Parking facilities near the Migros Klubschule

More parking facilities in this area

Kitchen and presentation room - Migros Klubschule